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Services we Offer

Network Planning

Operator facing challenges are extensive and unavoidable. New technology, Coverage, Capacity, and Maximizing the Value of Existing Network Resources, are challenging requirements. Network Planning is crucial services for designing any network.
ETPL helps customer not only in Network design but also in expanding rapidly and cost effectively.
As part of the network planning we offer the customers following services

  • Study of spectrum requirements
  • Network Design and Dimensioning
  • Access Network Planning
  • Transmission and Synchronization plan
  • Switching Network Topology
  • Techno-commercial Bid preparations
RF Planning & Designing

ETPL RF Engineering Resources are well trained to use state-of-the-art industry standard tools for design, planning and testing the networks to ensure that the network design meets the network performance objectives of the customer

  • RF Cell Planning
  • Initial dimensioning of the radio network
  • CW Propagation model tuning
  • Candidate identification & nominal planning
  • Technical site surveys
  • Frequency Planning
  • Static frequency allocation
  • Frequency hopping (RF hopping or Baseband hopping)
  • Frequency and neighbors planning
  • Hierarchical Cell structure
  • Capacity Planning
  • Coverage and capacity planning and analysis
  • Addition of new cell sites
  • Upgrade of existing cell sites
  • Signaling/SDCCH dimensioning
  • Additional spectrum use
  • Traffic Management

RF Optimization

High quality of service in mobile networks is the prerequisite for the commercial success. Continuous optimization is a process, which focuses on checking the network quality continuously and takes actions when needed. It is a more constant way of maintaining good quality in the network, especially when the mobile networks are changing rapidly and more and more customers are being served

  • Parameter Configuration Check (OMC Audit)
  • Traffic and throughput analysis
  • Parameter planning and optimisation
  • Dropped call analysis
  • Handover success analysis
  • Drive test analysis
  • Interference analysis
  • Field measurements and acceptance testing
  • Frequency & Strategy Planning

Network Support Services

Network quality must be upto the mark if we do not provide service upto the mark then customer never feel the service, we provide quality service so that customer can feb our services. Network performance is a measure of how effectively and efficiently the network is functioning. Network performance is an internal measure mainly derived from Network Management data. This measure provides an Engineering perspective of network quality.

  • Provide Subscriber perception of service
  • Benchmark figures against competitors
  • QoS reports for Senior Management
  • Analysis and evaluation of network upgrades
  • Acceptance testing of new networks / new regional rollouts
  • Independent benchmarking of vendor equipment
  • Continuous/repetitive monitoring to highlight slow degradation of Network Quality
  • Provision of Engineering data for further analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Network Audits

Transmission Planning Services

Transmission network planning covers definition of the whole network topology, technology selections, equipment configurations, synchronisation and management plans. Essential areas of expertise are also site candidate identification and selection, technical site surveys and line-of-sight checksis a more constant way of maintaining good quality in the network, especially when the mobile networks are changing rapidly and more and more customers are being served

  • Initial dimensioning of the transmission network
  • Transmission media selections: microwave (PDH), SDH, optic, copper, leased line, Satellite
  • Existing network evaluation/expansion
  • Technical site surveys
  • Line-of-sight surveys
  • Capacity and topology planning
  • Synchronisation planning
  • Network management planning
  • Routing with time slot allocation
  • MW link level planning and interference analysis
  • BSC/RAN area boundaries definition

In Building Solution

In-Building Solution is very important activity to provide Network Coverage inside very active buildings like Hotels, Hospitals, Airports, Malls, Industrial Estates, Airports etc by wiring the entire building and installing antennas We found out that most of the mobile call are made inside the building. It has also been noticed that it is becoming too expensive to increase the indoor location probability by outdoor sites. So the easiest way to provide good in-building coverage is to use picocells inside the building.

  • Various activities done by us
  • IBS Survey
  • IBS Implementation
  • IBS Walk Test
  • Repeater Installation

Manpower Management

ETPL provides placement and deployment of manpower services. We have a databank of qualified professional engineers. Our Human Resource team excels in recruitment and training, which results in retention of skills engineers Our Quality manpower of :

  • RF Planner
  • RF optimisation engineer
  • Transmission Planner
  • Drive tester
  • Co-ordinator
  • Data Analyser
  • RF & LOS survey engineer
  • EMF survey engineer
  • BSS Engineer
  • O&M engineer
  • NOC engineer
  • IBS planner
  • Project Manag

Project Management

Project management effect when we completely understand the project of the wireless communication industry Our team always give 100% time to first understand the project and how the people will perform on it and how members can utilised his efforts. Our team includes the responsibilities in project management -

  • Resource Planning
  • Process Development
  • Project Schedule
  • Project Budget
  • Project Status Reporting

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